Glen Horncastle appointed Championship Director of British Truck Racing

19 Jan 18

The British Automobile Racing Club can confirm that Glen Horncastle has been appointed as Championship Director for the British Truck Racing Association Championship.

Following on from the news that the BARC would assume the role of promoters and administers for the series with immediate effect, Horncastle will be responsible for all aspects of the championship.

Playing an instrumental role in the growth and development of the UK Time Attack Championship, Horncastle is focused on using his vast experience to continue pushing the British Truck Racing Association Championship forward.

“Having left my role at Time Attack three years ago, I have been patiently waiting for an exciting opportunity to get back into motorsport,” Horncastle said on his new role.

“After being approached by BARC to take over the reins of Truck Racing in the UK, I am relishing the chance to bring my experience to this exciting venture. Truck Racing is a fantastic product and I know the skills I possess will benefit the drivers, teams and the sponsors in the championship to achieve the very best for their investment in this spectacular form of motorsport.

“From my time with growing Time Attack I have had experience with both drivers and teams from truck racing and I am looking forward to meeting up with many of them again, and of course getting to know current drivers and teams.”

Drew Furlong, BARC Chief Operating Officer, added: “Having taken back the running of the championship, we needed to appoint someone independent to cut through some of the issues which have existed over the last few years in truck racing.

“With Glen’s experience in not only managing and promoting championships, but with the many skills he has in running motorsport events, we have appointed the ideal candidate to run truck racing in the UK. As promised last week Glen’s appointment at Championship Director is just one of many announcements lined up for the coming days and weeks.”

To contact Glen, email