Booking forms for all British Automobile Racing Club 2024 Marshal Training days are now available to be completed online. 

Next year’s edition of Marshal Training – which takes place between the months of January and March – will see a wide range of topics covered at four venues, all of which are geared around preparing marshals for the start of the new season.

20th January – Thruxton: Speed Marshals – BOOK HERE

21st January – Thruxton: New Marshals – BOOK HERE

10th February – Croft – BOOK HERE

18th February – Pembrey – BOOK HERE

3rd March – Harewood Hill: Speed Training – CONTACT

9th March – Thruxton: Grade 1/2 Thruxton Registered – BOOK HERE

10th March – Thruxton: Off Track, Grade 3, Assessors – BOOK HERE

Every event organised and run by the BARC needs marshals and all marshals, whatever they are doing, are contributing to the success and smooth running of the meeting.

If you want to become a marshal or wish to find out how to get involved in motorsport, visit