bp Charge & Fuel Card – ‘How to apply’ guide for members.


BARC members will be able to use the card at 3400 bp stations with access to discounted fuel rates at 1200 forecourts across the UK. This presents a significant advantage for those that rely heavily on fuel for their racing endeavours. Using the bp PLUS Fuel & Charge card, BARC members will enjoy cost savings on fuel purchased at bp stations [subject to the applicable promotion terms], including on Ultimate grade fuels.

The card is designed for use by both companies and individuals and the application can be found here.

If you’re an individual looking to take advantage of these significant savings on fuel, fill out the bp application and follow the below steps:


On STEP 1 of the application, please enter your personal details.


For STEP 2

Company details – Please enter your full name

Company registration type – Select SOLE TRADER

Company details – Please re-enter your full name

You DO NOT need to fill in company reg or VAT number (tick NOT VAT registered)

Private Address – Please enter your home address under

Incorporation date – Please select the current date

Legal Representative /Ultimate Beneficial owner

As you are applying as an individual, you will be both the legal representative and ultimate beneficial owner of the bp fuel & charge card.

Please tick the box that indicates the legal representative is also the beneficial owner.

Re-Enter your personal details in the required fields

Share or voting rights details – As this is an individual application, you will have sole control. Please place 100 in this field


For STEP 3

Vehicle details – Please enter your vehicle details into the required fields, along with your estimated monthly spend on fuel

Fuel Cards – Please enter your name as the company name

PIN type – Select Wish Pin and provide the PIN number you wish to use

Driver Name – Please enter your full name

Purchase Options – Please select ALL FUELS & ADBLUE


For STEP 4

Please fill in the required bank details

City of Signing mandate – Please use your home city

Read the T&Cs – If you are happy, please select ACCEPT

Once complete, you may be asked to provide a picture of your driving licence or photo ID. This may be requested through the download of an ID confirmation app. Please follow the instructions for this.


BARC & bp are not providing financial or legal advice. If you are unsure of the T&Cs please seek separate legal advice.