Britcar Endurance Ltd has continued its path to a more sustainable future by today (May 19) announcing a new partnership with German lubricant, coolant and fluid brand ROWE MINERALÖLWERK.

Boasting a rich history in motorsport that spans more than a decade, ROWE have become the official lubricant partners and title sponsors of the newly named ROWE Britcar Trophy Championship.

Utilising its ‘driving laboratory’, ROWE researches new lubricants, optimises formulations and thereby creates what cannot be replicated in any laboratory in the world: the ultimate practical test implemented under extreme conditions.

Every item that rolls off its impressive state-of-the-art production line has its manufacturing process carefully measured and optimised against its carbon footprint; ensuring it is as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.

Jeremy Aston-Phillips, MCOIL Director, said: “Sustainability is now so important in everything we do in life; ROWE are at the forefront in developing sustainable products based on renewable materials as well as sustainably manufactured ‘conventional products’.

“From engine and gear oils to hydraulic oils and cutting fluids, the labs at ROWE are continuously looking at ways to ensure a greener future and the ability to maintain an internal combustion engine in a sustainable manner.

“The partnership with BRITCAR is an example of how MCOIL will be promoting the use of the ROWE range of renewable lubricants alongside the sustainably manufactured ‘conventional’ products, assisting the transition to a more sustainable future.“

Claire Hedley, Britcar Endurance Managing Director, added: “With sustainability very much part of the future of BRITCAR, ROWE is the only oil brand available in the UK with sustainability at their heart. 

“Our commitment to a more sustainable future for motorsport is so important to us and this partnership emphasises this. We are looking forward to working with MCOIL and their team to increase awareness in the motorsport fraternity in all things lubricating and cooling.”