Raising funds and awareness for men’s mental health has become a focus for the British Truck Racing Championship this year, with the heavyweight series having today (March 8) announced it will align itself with the charity MANUP?.

Identifying that the stigma around men’s mental health remains a major issue, the MANUP? charity exists to raise awareness on the subject by encouraging openness, which will in turn promote the conversation.

Started in 2019, the organisation has grown exponentially in recent years and that trend looks set to continue throughout 2024 as a raft of fundraising concepts are brought to life through the championship.

The BTRC is no stranger to working alongside charities and the hope is that the heavyweight series will be able to use its sizeable platform – both on and off the track – to raise vital awareness and funds.

As part of my commitment to breaking the stigma around men’s mental health, I’m proud to be partnering with the British Truck Racing Championship,” said Dan Somers, MANUP? Founder and Chief Executive. 

“At MANUP?, we reach men where they are, and BTRC offers a unique opportunity to amplify this message. Despite the fact that we are competing on the track, we are also driving a crucial conversation that illustrates mental health awareness has no boundaries.”

Gordon Snell, British Truck Racing Championship Manager, added: “We’re excited to have partnered up with MANUP? as the work they have been doing to promote the discussion around mens mental health so far is to be really commended.

“We are using our platforms to push that conversation further and as has been proven, our fantastic fans are not only passionate about the sport but also supporting great causes. Raising awareness for mens mental health is extremely important to all of us.”

To find out more information about MANUP? and how you can either donate or become involved in their initiatives, head to https://www.manup.how/.