Lancaster Insurance MG Owners Club Championship

For fans of all things MG, the Lancaster Insurance MG Owners Club Championship is a haven for enthusiasts as it pits all models from a variety of decades against each other at the same time.

Considered to be one of the biggest one-make car clubs in the world with more than 35,000 members, the MG Owners Club launched the championship in 1981 and with help from the British Automobile Racing Club, it has grown exponentially.

Offering a cost effective route into motorsport, the series operates a multi-class system with the ethos that car must remain as per the production specification with only limited performance modifications permitted to ensure competitive motorsport at affordable costs.

Class A is home to the likes of the MGB, MGB GT, MG Midget and Austin Healey Sprite whilst Class B encompasses the MG Maestro Efi, MG Maestro 1600 and MG ZS 120. Elsewhere, Class F and Class Z welcomes the more modern machines from the marque such as the MGF 1.8VVC and MG ZR 160, amongst others.

Kumho BMW Championship

Open to any production BMW sold in the UK, the Kumho BMW Championship is a popular draw for fans and competitors alike with non-stop action all-but guaranteed each year.

Steeped in more than 30 years of history, the championship showcases some of the most iconic models from the German manufacturer and has proven to be an attractive proposition for those wanting to race rear-wheel-drive cars on a limited budget.

Accommodating all BMW’s, the Kumho BMW category is split into multiple classes that are defined by the engine capacity of the competitor’s vehicles. All on-track at the same time, overall victory is one aim however races within the race itself ensure that there is never a dull moment as drivers eye for class supremacy.

The class structure for the Kumho BMW Championship is as follows:

Class A:         

For Cars above 3000cc, Slicks, Treaded & Wets to be used. Minimum weight is dependent on  “at the wheels“ BHP.

Class B:         

For Cars upto and including 3000cc with engine code S50B30, Slicks, Treaded & Wets to be used. Minimum weight is dependent on “at the wheels“ BHP.

Class C:

For Cars between 2000cc & 3000cc with an “M“ engine code and all BMW Minis (One, Cooper, Cooper S, JCW Cooper & JCW Cooper S inc all variants of these base models), Treaded & Wets to be used. Minimum weight is dependent on “at the wheels“ BHP.

Class D:

For Cars upto and including 2000cc (Treaded & Wets to be used). Minimum weight is 1100kg.

Class Inv:

Invitation class – Any BMW or BMW Mini model at the discretion of the BMW RDC. Slicks, Treaded & Wets can be used. Max of 6 races per season.

Mighty Minis Championship

Showcasing one of the most iconic cars to come out of Britain, the Mighty Minis Championship is synonymous for producing blockbuster, wheel-to-wheel thrills and spills – often with cars going three or four abreast.

Launched in 1996, the championship joined the British Automobile Racing Club ranks in 2016 and has continued to go from strength-to-strength ever since.

Running two classes, Mighty Mini and Super Mighty Mini, the only difference between the two is the level of power produced by the car, with more being found in the Super Mighty Mini class.

Recently the championship has opened the door for a new Carburetor category, which will be titled Class C. Mirroring the Mighty Mini class, the only difference that the cars competing in the new class will have is running a carburettor and distributor rather than an injection system and ECU. Championship

One of the cornerstones of British motorsport with a history that spans more than 30 years, the Championship is one of the most exciting single-make categories running today.

Based around the iconic Citroen 2CV, the series has garnered plenty of attraction down the years with its continuous ability to boast bumper grid sizes and deliver unrivalled thrills and spills on-track.

Holding onto the same values upon which it started with, 2CV Racing gives drivers a chance to showcase their talents are some of the biggest and best venues in Europe. Despite the relative slow speeds clocked by the cars, 2CV’s can often be found going multiple cars wide into corners.

The Championship blends short sprint races with longer endurance races, including this year the 31st running of the CITROEN Classic 2CV 24 Hour Race at Snetterton, August 27-29, as part of the Citroen Weekend. The 2CV Championship is anything but dull.

Carbon8 Hyundai Coupe Cup with Toyo Tires

Whether a seasoned racer or a complete novice, the Carbon8 Hyundai Coupe Cup with Toyo Tires is one of the fastest-growing series’ in the UK under the British Automobile Racing Club umbrella.

Roaring into life a few years ago, the Coupe Cup is a budget conscious, single-make category for first and second generation two-lite Hyundai Coupe machines.

Running a set of control parts that ensure identical machinery throughout, the series is focused on keeping costs down and maintaining parity as well, all aiding close and exciting racing that is produced.

Maintaining it’s status as a ‘series’, points may not be on offer for those competing however the spoils of race wins are always up for contention; and more often than not fiercely fought over.


Breaking new ground by debuting in 2020, BARC Red is an innovative set of races for Open Sports/Saloon cars.

Open to competitors who drive open/closed roof Sports & Saloon cars, regardless of what championship or racing club they compete in and providing they met current Motorsport UK safety regulations, the series of races garnered plenty of attention from the outset last year and duly delivered.

Formatted to feature a 20-minute qualifying session and two 20-minute races over the course of a weekend, entries are accepted with a pre declared lap time for the specific circuit upon which competitors have entered into.

Classes are then changed post-qualifying and post-race if competitors ran two or more laps faster in a qualifying session or race than their nominated class allowance stipulates.

This format guarantees that everyone will be racing against those doing similar lap times, irrespective of the car they are driving, leading to much closer competition.