BARC Saloon Series & TDi North Honda VTEC Challenge

Launched in 2018 and offering something slightly different for competitors, the rationale behind the BARC Saloon Series is to put the emphasis on having fun behind the wheel of a car whilst competing.

Providing it is a saloon car that complies with the Motorsport UK Blue Book, all cars are welcome to compete in the BARC Saloon Series.

Further structure will be added to the category in 2019 with two classes being introduced; Class A for cars that are over two litres and all forced induction cars, and Class B for those competing in normally aspirated machinery up to two litres.

In addition to the BARC Saloon Series is the TDi North Honda VTEC Challenge, with the two sharing grids. Catering for any Honda wanting to be raced, the VTEC Challenge is the only standalone series for competitors wanting to go wheel-to-wheel in Japanese machinery in the UK.

Showcasing the very best Civics, Accords, Integras and more duking it out on the same piece of tarmac, the single-manufacturer has undergone a raft of different set of regulations down the years – all aimed at ensuring the racing is as competitive and cost-effective as possible.

Both series also align themselves with the Classic VW Cup throughout each season too.

2019 Calendar

  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    26-28 April
  • BTRAC Race Meeting – ...
    11-12 May
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    22-23 June
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    16-18 August
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    21-22 September
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    05-06 October



Andy Johnson


James Tracey