Classic Touring Car Championship

Home to some of the most iconic saloon cars that have spanned countless decades, the Classic Touring Car Championship is renowned for producing all-out action where variety is the spice of life.

Launched in 1974 by a group of amateur racing drivers who formed the Classic Touring Car Racing Club, the championship has continued to promote affordable racing with big grids remaining a constant theme year-on-year.

Continuing to evolve and expand, the category in its current guise is home to eight different championships, ensuring there is something for everyone as it tackles some of the UK’s best tracks:

Paul Inch – Classic Race Engines Pre ’66 Touring Cars (Cars built prior to 1966)
CTCRC Group 1 Touring Car Championship (Cars built prior to 1983)
Envirotec Hygiene Services Pre-93 Touring Cars (Cars built prior to 1993)
Simply Serviced Pre-2003 Touring Cars (Cars built before 2003)
Toyo Tyres Pre-2005 Production Touring Car Championship (Cars built before 2005)
Burton Power Blue Oval Saloon Series (Series for all Ford cars)
Edmundson Electrical Classic Thunder Saloons Championship (Series for powerful cars built before 2011)



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