Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb Championship

Tucked away in picturesque Salisbury, Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb is one of the country’s leading hill climb venues and is operated by the British Automobile Racing Club’s South West Centre. 

Iconic for its notable decline off the start before ascending up the tarmac on the course, Gurston hosts all manner of events throughout the season including its own championship. Comprising of a handful of rounds, points are awarded on the basis of how fast competitors are on the day relative to their opponents as drivers and machines are pit against the stopwatch. 

Awards are up for grabs in the overall championship winner and also each class in the championship too, so there is plenty of competitive action throughout the whole field as drivers vie for position. 

Running in parallel with The Turbo Dynamics Gurston Down Championship and at the same meetings, is the Top Ten Challenge which sees points being awarded to the ten fastest registered competitors at each meeting, irrespective of what class they are in.



Sarah Howard 


Tony Record