Kumho BMW Championship

Open to any production BMW sold in the UK, the Kumho BMW Championship is a popular draw for fans and competitors alike with non-stop action all-but guaranteed each year.

Steeped in more than 30 years of history, the championship showcases some of the most iconic models from the German manufacturer and has proven to be an attractive proposition for those wanting to race rear-wheel-drive cars on a limited budget.

Accommodating all BMW’s, the Kumho BMW category is split into multiple classes that are defined by the engine capacity of the competitor’s vehicles. All on-track at the same time, overall victory is one aim however races within the race itself ensure that there is never a dull moment as drivers eye for class supremacy.

The class structure for the Kumho BMW Championship is as follows:

Class A – 285bhp per tonne, Tyre: Slicks and Wets

Class B – 245bhp per tonne, Tyre: Slicks and Wets

Class C – 210bhp per tonne (Max 3000cc), Tyre: Treaded and Wets

Class D – 145bhp per tonne (Max 2000cc), Tyre: Treaded and Wets

Invitation Class – at BMWRDC discretion


  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    21-22 March
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    04-05 April
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    10 May
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    27-28 June
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    01-02 August
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    28-30 August
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    12 September
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    11 October
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    14-15 November



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