Max5 Racing Championship

Based upon the MX5 Championship that ran between 1991-1997 and the American Spec Miata MX5 Championship and the Max5 Racing Championship has forged a path for itself as a hugely successful one-make series.

Launching in 2003, the championship is open to Mk1, Mk3 and Mk4 Mazda MX5 machines – all of which are impeccably turned out and presented at all events during the season.

Run on the principle of exciting racing at an affordable price, the Max5 Racing category has taken on the slogan of ‘race it to the max’ – something that has been done each year since its inception with big grids at some of the UK’s top venues.

Providing enthralling edge-of-the-seat entertainment wherever it goes, the single-make category is a smash-hit for spectators and competitors alike.


  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    24-25 April
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    28-30 May
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    03-04 July
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    27-29 August
  • BARC Race Meeting – ...
    09-10 October



Jon Halliwell