Pickup Truck Racing Championship

Bringing a flavour of America to British shores, the Pickup Truck Racing Championship has become a popular draw for spectators in the UK since it came to prominence in 1997.

With unique tubular spaceframe chassis’ that are coupled with two-litre multi-valve twin-cam engines making up the grid, the action is fast and frenetic as it visits all manner of circuits around the country.

Often found going door-to-door and separated by mere millimetres, entertainment is all-but guaranteed as the Pickup Truck contingent boasts a blend of experienced drivers and upcoming racers, all of whom are keen to make their mark.

Whilst a majority of races are run at some of the UK’s most popular circuits, the Pickup Truck Racing Championship also dukes it out on the ovals too with Mallory Park playing host to a handful of events every year – adding further on-track spice.



Sonny Howard