Classic Touring Car Racing Club to reintroduce prize money in 2021

The Classic Touring Car Racing Club has announced that it will be bringing back prize money for drivers finishing in first, second and third place at the end of the 2021 season in each of its championships.

Providing bumper grids and edge-of-the-seat entertainment at British Automobile Racing Club events for many years, the CTCRC is aiming to give back to its loyal competitors by offering up cash prizes for the top three in each championship next year.

The Poultec – Classic Race Engines Pre ’66 Touring Cars, Shell Oil Pre ’83 Touring Car Championship, Laser Tools Pre-93 Touring Cars Championship, Simply Serviced Pre-2003 Touring Cars Championship, Burton Power Products Blue Oval Saloon Series and Edmundson Electrical Classic Thunder Saloons Championship are set to make up the illustrious list of categories that fall under the CTCRC banner next year.

Stuart Caie, CTCRC Chairman, said: “For many years, it’s been a one-way street financially for club racing; pay this, pay that, renew everything after ten minutes and start again.

“In 2021 the Classic Touring Car Racing Club are going to reverse the flow of money out of drivers’ pockets to ensure they benefit directly from the success of their own club. We are a club created by the people for the people run by an extremely dedicated team of volunteers.

“In some cases, club racing has been in a bit of decline for the last ten years, but our grids are strong as we continue to look at new and diverse ways of attracting members. We feel that prize money is the next step forward in that strategy – you only have to look over the fence to oval racing to see that prize money can help to bring large grids and great racing.”

Ben Taylor, BARC Chief Executive, added: “CTCRC has been one of the jewels of the BARC stable for many decades. They are constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas to make sure that their members get great value for money in their racing. We are delighted to work with them and together I am sure that 2021 will be an even bigger success.”

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