Ginetta recruit Driving Standards Representatives for 2022 season

Ginetta has announced that it has recruited Tom Onslow-Cole, Jonny Kane and Thomas Erdos as its Driving Standards Representatives for the 2022 season.

Boasting a wealth of motorsport experience between them, the trio will be present at race events throughout the season with the aim of ensuring fair and competitive racing across Ginetta’s quartet of domestic championships. 

One Driving Standards Representative will be in attendance at each Ginetta race weekend to work directly with the Clerk of the Course and Ginetta. 

Working on all judicial procedures for breaches of the regulations regarding driving standards and driver conduct on and off track, the representative will utilise their racing experience and knowledge to assist in creating a transparent and consistent process for the application of penalties.

Ginetta’s four domestic championships this year are the Michelin Ginetta Junior Championship, Millers Oils Ginetta GT4 Supercup, Protyre Motorsport Ginetta GT5 Challenge and Ginetta GT Academy. 

Steph Bush, Ginetta Championships Manager, said: “This is an exciting new development for Ginetta and one that we are proud to be implementing. We feel it is vital to have a clear and consistent approach to managing driving standards and the judicial processes across our championships.

“Our driving standards representatives have a wealth of experience and will be a great asset to our team and the Clerk of the Course, as well as to the drivers and teams who should benefit from a clearer understanding of the consequences of breaching driving standards.

“Ginetta bring a lot of new drivers into British motorsport every season, many of whom go on to race in different categories in the UK and abroad, so we feel it is important to try and promote the highest driving standards possible for them to carry through their racing careers.”