Legends Cars Championship set to go green with SulNOx

The Legends Cars National Championship with MRF Tyres will embrace a greener and more progressive future for 2022 and beyond as it partners with Decarbonisation specialists SulNOx Group Plc.

SulNOx, which is making its first foray into motorsport through the link-up with the Legends, has a mission to provide immediate and tangible steps towards carbon neutrality for hydrocarbon fuel. Whilst all cars will use SulNOx fuel conditioner, series stalwart Rickie Leggatt will pilot a SulNOx liveried car during the coming season.

London-based SulNOx is a greentech company specialising in providing responsible solutions towards the decarbonisation of traditional fuels, with patented additives reducing the production of environmentally unfriendly emissions and, at the same time, leading to significant cost savings.

Created from natural, biodegradable ingredients, SulNOx additives emulsify water and increase lubricity and oxygen, therefore making fuel burn cleanly and more efficiently. In essence, using SulNOx means a more complete burn of the fuel, converting current waste particulate matter into useful energy while lowering emissions.

“Environmental concerns have never been greater or more in the spotlight, so this agreement with SulNOx is an important step forward for the Legends Cars National Championship as we look to achieve a greener and more sustainable future”, said Championship Owner Phil Cooper. “The SulNOx products are very impressive and the business is at the forefront of green technologies.

“We’re delighted to welcome SulNOx to the Legends Cars National Championship and very much looking forward to working with the company. This is the right time for us to embrace and to also try and lead moves to a cleaner, greener future while ensuring the Legends continue to deliver the same incredible racing.”

On behalf of SulNOx, Dr Dan Clarke added: “We are extremely happy to partner with the Legends Cars National Championship to help make their series of motorsport more environmentally friendly. SulNOx Group Plc are committed to the decarbonisation of fossil fuels and this is a big statement that motorsport is equally committed to a more sustainable, greener future.”

The 2022 Legends Cars National Championship with MRF Tyres campaign is scheduled to begin at Oulton Park on April 2nd.