Michelin Clio Cup Series to expand class structure in 2019

The Michelin Clio Cup Series has announced the introduction of a brand-new Sport Series class for 2019 which will welcome each Clio model from the second-generation RS Clio 182 through to the fourth-generation RS Clio 220.

Following on from another pulsating campaign of racing, the Race Series will retain its status as the pinnacle of the championship with third generation RS Clio 200s out to steal the show. In 2020 these will be joined by the fourth generation RS Clio 220.

There will be no changes made to the Road Series class too which will remain in its current guise moving forward too.

However, the new-for-2019 Sports Series will allow the use of Renault Sport-built race cars or modified road-based Clio 182, 197, 200 or 220 models with a maximum of 220bhp in a bid to pit independent engineering against factory-built machines.

Each of the new models permitted in the Sports Series have enjoyed stints in the flagship Renault UK Clio Cup on the British Touring Car Championship support package and will run on Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres – as in the Road Series – to form the series’ new third class.

Together, the three-class structure offers competitors from a diverse range of backgrounds the opportunity to benefit from one of the most instructive, cost-effective and race-proven packages on the UK club racing scene.

Richard Colburn, Championship Promoter and Westbourne Motorsport Team Principal, said: “I’m absolutely delighted to be able to announce the introduction of a brand-new Sport Series to the Michelin Clio Cup Series in 2019.

“The Clio has such a fantastic racing heritage in the UK. The aim of the new Sport Series is to give the many fans of the car a more open series where modified road cars can race against Renault Sport factory-built race cars all with like minded people, in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere – we really want to become and celebrate the Clio ‘family’.

“All cars will be limited to an output of 220 bhp to avoid expensive race engines, but gearbox, suspension and brakes modifications will be largely free allowing both track day competitors and those currently competing in other championships to join the Clio Family without extensive modifications.

“The new class will run alongside our existing Race and Road Series, to add another dimension to what is already among the most cost-effective and race-proven categories on the club racing ladder.

“For over half a decade now, the Michelin Clio Cup Series has struck a fantastic balance between catering to those keen to enjoy the experience of driving a ‘proper’ race car – and those looking to forge a career for themselves and rise through the ranks, as many of our alumni have done with the skills learnt in our category.

“We were very encouraged by the response to the series at our Taster Day at Donington Park last month, and interest in joining the Libra class has been high. All things considered, the future is definitely looking bright heading into the New Year, with more news to follow.”

For more information on the Michelin Clio Cup Series, including the upcoming 2019 calendar, head to https://www.cliocupseries.com/.