Organisers of the Vertu MINI CHALLENGE have announced that a special guest car will join its grid for the 2024 season to help develop new sustainable fuels as the series aims to transition to 100% sustainable fuels by 2028.

The car, which will run in the new JCW Sport category, will be used for ongoing development of sustainable fuels for use in the series, with a gradually increasing proportion of the fuel to be used in the car coming from a sustainable source.

The long term strategy for the series is to have all competing cars powered by 100 per cent sustainable fuels by the 2028 season, with a phased reduction in the amount of traditional fossil fuels used for race machinery from 2025 onwards.

The fuel development car will be run in-house by a MINI CHALLENGE UK team and will be available to drivers who want to not only sample the new JCW Sport category, but also have a desire to help make motorsport in the UK more sustainable going forwards.

“Sustainable fuels are going to be key part of the landscape in motorsport in the coming years, particularly at national level,” series promoter Antony Williams said.

“Our goal as a championship is to work towards having all cars running on 100% sustainable fuels in the next three to four years, and certainly by the start of the 2028 season.

“The first stage of this is the development car that we will run in the JCW Sport class this season, which will start the year running on a significant proportion of sustainable fuels. Over the year, we will then reduce the amount of fossil fuels required and work on introducing the new fuel for 2025 as development work continues.”

The first driver who will get behind the wheel of the car is Hannah Chapman, who has previously competed in both the Cooper and JCW categories.