Mission Motorsport sets new hypermiling world record at Thruxton

Thruxton Circuit can add the title of being one of the most efficient race tracks in the UK alongside being the fastest after Mission Motorsport set a new hypermiling world record in a Renault ZOE.

Aiming to beat the previous benchmark of 351 miles for the longest distance driven in a Renault ZOE on a single charge, the Forces’ Motorsport Charity raised the bar in emphatic fashion around the Hampshire venue this past week.

Driving day and night, for more than 24 hours, at the optimum average speed of 19mph, the Renault ZOE – which was equipped with ENSO’s EV tyres – reached a world beating 475.4 miles on a single charge, smashing the French record by 124.4 miles.

Equipped with ENSO’s pioneering range extending EV tyres, a team of British veterans, the spouse of a serving soldier and a hypermiling expert came together to share driving duties around the 2.36-mile circuit.

James Cameron, Mission Motorsport CEO, said: “Thruxton was the obvious choice for this record attempt, but despite being the UK’s fastest track, the key to hitting 475.4 miles was finding the optimum speed and smooth consistent driving.

“Backed by ENSO’s unique EV tyre technology we were certain we could break the record, but what we couldn’t have foreseen was the incredible difference in efficiency, distance and feel with the ENSO tyres.”

During the world record attempt Mission Motorsport used two different sets of tyres on two identical Renault ZOEs. One vehicle was fitted with OEM tyres, clocking an impressive 424.7 miles whilst the second was fitted with ENSO tyres, eclipsing the old record and sister car with an astonishing 475.4 miles.

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