Clubmans restructure class system for 2017 campaign

26 Jan 17

The BARC Clubmans Championship has renamed its class system, for 2017 in a bid to simplify its structure.

For a number of years the championship had operated as a Clubmans division. The first would be split between Proto and Sports 1600 classes whilst the second division was devised for visiting cars from the HSCC’s Classic Clubmans Championship – titled classes A, B, C and D.

The dawn of a new season will see that structure altered and will now allow guesting cars to compete in the same classes as those that have committed to the championship itself.

The CSP1 (Clubmans Sports Prototype) replaces the Proto category and will also allow for addition of the Class A cars. CSP2 is set to replace the Sports 1600 class whilst CSP3 will cater for Formula Ford-engined machines.

Clubmans Championship Co-ordinator, Chris Hart, explained: “The class includes A Class cars, because they’re, at best, 190bhp but have equivalent lap times to the more modern CSP1 cars.

“They’ll all be classed in one, the idea being of course that they can have a dice and a race hopefully. Rather than confusing the spectators with all the classes, this will make it nice and simple.

“We’re the more modern formula if you like, but it does enable A Class cars and B Class cars [from the HSCC Championship] to come over and compete in the sponsored BARC series.”