ONLINE NOTICEBOARD – 2022: Knockhill – July 30/31

This page will be updated throughout the weekend of July 30/31 with all the latest information and bulletins concerning the British Touring Car Championship race meeting at Knockhill.

Permits & Bulletins

International Permit - (#126329)

National Permit - (#125088)

Interclub Permit - (#125090)

Bulletin No: 01 - Light Panels

Bulletin No: 02 - Amendments to the Programme Pages

Judicial Decisions

British F4 - Edward Pearson

British F4 - Loius Sharp

British F4 - Eduardo Coseteng

Ginetta Junior - Ian Aguilera

Ginetta Junior - Ian Aguilera (Stewards Decision)

Mini Challenge - Jack Davidson

Ginetta Junior - Will MacIntyre

Mini Challenge - Max Coates

Porsche Carrera Cup - Will Martin

British F4 - Michael Shin

British F4 - Eduardo Coseteng

Porsche Carrera Cup - Matthew Green

Porsche Carrera Cup - Oliver White

Porsche Carrera Cup - Theo Edgerton

Porsche Carrera Cup - Gus Burton

Ginetta Junior - Luca Hopkinson

Ginetta Junior - Harri Reynolds

Ginetta Junior - Kanato Le

Mini Challenge - Jack Davidson

British F4 - Oliver Gray

British F4 - Alex Dunne

British F4 - Daniel Guinchard

British Touring Car Championship - Ollie Jackson

Mini Challenge - David Stirling

Mini Challenge - Jack Davidson

Ginetta Junior - Fergus Chalmers

British Touring Car Championship - Ash Hand

British Touring Car Championship - Will Powell

Ginetta GT4 - James Kellett

Ginetta GT4 - Josh Poulain

British Touring Car Championship - Rickie Collard

Live Timings & Results

TSL Live Timing & Results Booklets