Thruxton Circuit, the UK’s fastest circuit in the UK, is thrilled to announce a momentous milestone in its longstanding partnership with racing legend Tiff Needell.

Since 2009, Thruxton and Tiff have offered guests an extraordinary opportunity to experience Tiff’s legendary high-speed, sideways driving around the circuit on our exclusive driving experience days.

Tiff Needell, a name synonymous with motorsport, boasts an impressive racing career, which took him all the way to Formula 1. With a passion for speed, Tiff’s expertise behind the wheel has made him one of the most respected figures in the industry.

However, it was Tiff’s captivating presence on television screens that propelled him to international fame. From 1987 to 2001, Tiff was an integral part of Top Gear, where he showcased his expert driving skills and entertained audiences with his charismatic and humorous commentary. Tiff’s passion for motorsport and his infectious enthusiasm endeared him to fans worldwide, establishing him as a household name in the automotive industry.

Tiff has thrilled thousands of visitors with his exhilarating driving skills. With an astonishing 24,000 laps and almost 58,000 miles under his belt, mostly sideways, Tiff’s dedication to providing an unforgettable experience has astounded both guests and staff. Beyond the seemingly impossible oversteer slides, Tiff has consistently embraced the opportunity to educate his passengers about the capabilities of the BMW model they’re riding in and the history of Thruxton Circuit, making each ride an enlightening journey. A quick search on YouTube will give you a good idea of what passengers experience!

Reflecting on closing in on the 8000th ride. Tiff shared his thoughts: “I find it hard to believe I am about to take my 8,000th guest for a three-lap passenger experience around Thruxton. Something that started as a bit of fun in 2009 has turned out to be so popular I can’t seem to stop! I’ve strapped in anyone from four-year-olds on booster seats to 84-year-olds with Zimmer frames, and no one has ever been disappointed! Through a whole stream of BMWs that have suffered my treatment and the hundreds of Pirelli tyres that I’ve worn to the canvas, I’ve never been let down by either, and I’m not stopping now.”

At Thruxton Circuit, we are immensely proud to be associated with Tiff. The Tiff Needell BMW M2 Passenger Ride Experience has become an iconic offering, attracting motorsport enthusiasts from around the world to embark on this thrilling experience. Whether it’s the screams, the laughs, or the stoney silence emanating from the seat beside him, Tiff’s passengers are consistently amazed by what a road car can achieve on the track. His infectious passion for the sport continues to inspire and captivate audiences, fostering a new generation of motorsport enthusiasts.

As Tiff Needell gears up for his monumental 8,000th ride, we invite you to join us in celebrating this extraordinary achievement. Explore the Tiff Needell Experience at Thruxton Circuit and discover the unparalleled excitement of being driven by a true motorsport legend. Buckle up and hold on tight.

In honour of Tiff Needell’s incredible achievement of reaching his 8,000th ride, Thruxton Circuit is delighted to announce a special treat for the lucky individual who becomes the milestone guest. The 8,000th guest will receive an exclusive goodie bag filled with Thruxton merchandise and surprises, courtesy of two long-time supporters of the Tiff Needell Experience: Pirelli and Hendy Performance.

Pirelli, renowned for its high-performance tyres, has been an integral part of Tiff Needell’s journey at Thruxton since the beginning. As a tribute to this significant milestone, Pirelli has generously contributed to the goodie bag, providing a selection of merchandise.

Additionally, Hendy Performance a leading provider of high-quality performance parts and trusted partner of Thruxton Circuit, has provided a collection of exciting items to be included in the goodie bag.

Book your Tiff Needell Experience today, who knows, you might just be the lucky 8,000th guest to receive this exclusive and exciting prize pot, courtesy of Pirelli, Hendy Performance and Thruxton.