Motorsport UK British Hillclimb Championship

The Motorsport UK British Hillclimb Championship presented by Avon Tyres and Motorsport UK British Hillclimb Leaders Cup presented by Footman James is the pinnacle of hillclimb competition, pitting drivers and their machines against the clock at venues throughout the British isles.

Running since 1947, the category has forged a reputation for itself as being one of the most prestigious hillclimb championships – with a glittering array of champions being crowned throughout its long and illustrious history.

Pairing drivers and their cars with challenging tarmac tracks, hillclimbing ensures that everyone is on the edge of their seat from start-to-finish.

Whilst some of the most powerful and bespoke single seater cars, amongst others, will do battle in the main British Hillclimb Championship, the British Hillclimb Cup is open to those that are behind the wheel of production cars, sports racers and racing cars.

BARC Connaught Speed Championship

Catering for every kind of vehicle from standard production to single-seater racing cars, the BARC Connaught Speed Championship provides an enjoyable, engaging and truly competitive environment for established drivers, as well those starting out too.

Offering an accessible and affordable point of entry into motorsport, the championship takes place at some of the best circuit, sprint and hillclimb venues in the UK, with your choice of ten rounds counting towards the final award.

Encompassing a variety of different driving environments, scoring is based on established class records, thus providing the opportunity for all competitors to accumulate points and ensuring that everyone has a fair chance of taking home a prize – the main one being the coveted Wilkinson Sword.

Tackling some of the most iconic and challenging hill climb venues and sprint courses in the country, drivers and machines will be pushed to their limit as they seek to beat each other and the stopwatch.

Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb Championship

Tucked away in picturesque Salisbury, Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb is one of the country’s leading hill climb venues and is operated by the British Automobile Racing Club’s South West Centre. 

Iconic for its notable decline off the start before ascending up the tarmac on the course, Gurston hosts all manner of events throughout the season including its own championship. Comprising of a handful of rounds, points are awarded on the basis of how fast competitors are on the day relative to their opponents as drivers and machines are pit against the stopwatch. 

Awards are up for grabs in the overall championship winner and also each class in the championship too, so there is plenty of competitive action throughout the whole field as drivers vie for position. 

Running in parallel with The Turbo Dynamics Gurston Down Championship and at the same meetings, is the Top Ten Challenge which sees points being awarded to the ten fastest registered competitors at each meeting, irrespective of what class they are in.

Harewood Speed Hill Climb Championship

Organised and run by the British Automobile Racing Club’s Yorkshire centre, the Harewood Speed Hill Climb Championship consists of several rounds of competition over the course of the year.

Providing a unique challenge like no other hill climb venue, Harewood’s picturesque scenery has become renowned for being the ultimate haven for drivers to test themselves behind the wheel as they race against the stopwatch.

The overall championship will pit road-going, modified saloon and sports cars against single seater thoroughbreds, with all competitors competing against the best time from their respective class.

In the FTD Championship, which runs parallel to the main category, points are based on the fastest times set at each round, predominantly dominated by those piloting single seater machinery too.